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We offer the most comprehensive line of premium refractory products for the cement industry. These high quality products are applied throughout every step of the kiln operation. They include magnesia-spinel and magnesia-chrome bricks.
The knowledge about clinker mineralogical phase development as well as the resulting corrosive attacks is a key to specify the most suitable refractory. The rotary kiln is a chemical reactor where the process of converting the mixture of limestone, clay and other materials results in clinker, the basic raw material of any Portland cement. In all zones the kiln is refractory lined according thermal, chemical and mechanical load in each of them. Due to the high temperature in the central burning zone, upper and lower transition zone the lining is faced harshest working environment and it is worth to be characterized in depth.
Our team of technical experts identify all the chemical, thermal and mechanical factors impacting each unique kiln atmosphere. With a complete understanding of all the key
variables, we then recommend the optimal refractory product mix and installation procedures to deliver the greatest outcome for the cement companies.

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