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We propose high-performance solutions for main, secondary, and tilting runners (from the first installation to the maintenance) to ensure total reliability, achieve long campaigns, and reduce the maintenance downtime. For other casthouse floor equipment, such as runner covers, we propose well adapted products which provide quick and easy applications as well as long service life.
In order to achieve long campaigns, Atoor Refractories Co. supplies and installs a wide range of wear linings for casthouse floor consisting of high alumina ultra low cement castables containing carbon and silicon carbide. The SiC content can be varied depending on the severity of corrosion. The carbon has been optimised to resist corrosion and oxidation. These products can be cast in place or prefabricated. To reduce the maintenance downtime, we recommend:
  • Dry vibrating mixes, which require no mixing, and no drying.
  • Prefabricated shapes which can be installed quickly.
  • Wet ramming mixes can be used to carry out fast localized repairs. These products can also be used for entire main troughs and secondary runners.

Key product categories include:
  • Dense cast-vibrated castables

  • Dense self-flowing castables

  • Wet gunning / shotcreting mixes

  • Dry gunning mixes

  • Ramming mixes

  • Dry vibratable mixes

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