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Atoor Refractories Co. is one of the largest suppliers of slide gate refractories, offering a wide range of ceramic and carbon bonded slide gate refractory materials. Slide gate refractories are classified into plates and nozzles. In both of them, durability is strongly influenced by operational conditions like the kind of steel, casting time and molten steel temperature. Therefore, we select and recommend the optimal material and design with respect to the conditions of each client.

Slide Gate Plates:
We offer a full range of slide gate systems:

Our slide gates are based on carbon-bonded alumina carbon refractories and can be supplied with different bore diameters.

Nozzles and Well Blocks:
The slide gate nozzles and well blocks are mainly manufactured with high alumina refractories. We are able to tailor refractory materials and designs to suit customers' individual requirements.

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