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Atoor Refractories Co. provides innovative calcium aluminate fluxes enriched with MgO (OptimetRG), with controlled particle size for controlling the slag composition during steel refining. It guarantees the quality and cleanliness of the steel and the consistency of its performance. Thanks to its special physical and chemical properties, calcium magnesium aluminate flux achieves rapid formation of slag and efficient steel refining in secondary metallurgy. As soon as CMA flux is added, the slag is enriched in MgO reducing the corrosion of MgO slag line.

  • Rapid slag formation: Thanks to its low melting point (<1345°C), CMA flux melts on contact with the steel and dissolves other reagents such as lime if the additions are proportioned correctly.
  • Improved desulphurization kinetics: The rapid formation of slag enables the initiation of desulphurization reactions as soon as the ladle is filled. This resultsin higher steel quality. Also the costs will be reduced because of the possibility of using cheaper raw materials with higher sulphur content.
  • Steel cleanliness: The composition of metallurgical flux is close to that of the final slag composition, so it can start trapping non-metallic inclusions as soon as the ladle is filled. It is therefore possible to remove these impurities when they are formed and to reduce the need for subsequent processing.
  • Increased productivity: The consistency of CMA flux increases predictability and reproducibility of performance. Thus, the majority of the reagents are added during tapping, allowing the rapid formation of a fluid and homogeneous slag. In this way, the refining process starts earlier and is much faster and thus the overall processing time is reduced.
  • Cost reduction: Better alloy yields and globally optimised reagent additions, reduced corrosion of the refractory lining thanks to the elimination of fluoride flux and a shorter processing time all represent substantial cost savings which make the operation very profitable for steelmakers.
  • Increased durability of refractory materials: Due to its high magnesia content (13%), the OptimetRG contributes to the optimisation of the ladle lining lifetime as well as the increased efficiency of secondary metallurgy.

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