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We propose high-performance solutions for the steel ladle in every type of size (from the first installation to the maintenance) to ensure total reliability, achieve long campaigns, and reduce the maintenance downtime. Our solutions are customized depending on the size of the ladle and the operating requirements including monolithic refractories and a range of bricks. These solutions combine the corrosion and thermomechanical stress resistant behaviour of specialized bricks (particularly in the slag zone) with the long-term repair advantages of monolithic refractories.
The importance of the safety lining is often overlooked and lower quality refractory materials are sometimes used. As a result the safety lining cannot withstand liquid metal/slag attack in the event of working lining failure, defeating the purpose of this safety layer. Different solutions for safety lining are customer dependent and include:

For the wall

  • Cast behind a mould with or without vibration
  • Cast behind bricks (self-flow castable)
  • Solution with anchors for particularly big ladles or oval ladles
For the bottom
  • Cast in-situ
  • Precast blocks for flat, inclined or curved inclined bottom

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