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Calderys is a world leader in monolithic refractories providing a broad range of products and solutions to improve the performance and quality in the following industrial markets: Iron & Steel, Foundry, Cement, Aluminium, and Petrochemical.  Calderys, a subsidiary of Imerys, is a multinational and multicultural company delivering top quality refractory products manufactured in its 18 production facilities spanning across 16 countries. The company, which was incorporated in 2005 after the merger of leading refractory companies Plibrico International and Lafarge Refractories, brings together more than a hundred years of experience in monolithics. Calderys continuously focuses on innovation to provide the best quality service to the clients. Their services include research, development and design of refractory solutions, worlwide production, installations, repair and project management for greenfield and brownfield projects around the world.
The comprehensive and strong performing product portfolio of Calderys is the result of innovative concepts, technological expertise, and over 100 years’ experience in the refractory business. Calderys is a reliable innovative refractory solution supplier that delivers consistent quality and brings you performance you can trust.
As the comprehensive refractory supplier which supports progress of iron and steel industry, the corporation has been leading refractory industry since its establishment in 1919. Striving for research and development and also improving its production technology the corporation is continuously devoting itself through supplying refractories to prosperity of various thermal industries like iron and steel, cement and others.
Encompassing the products from the fundamental structural refractories up to the functional ones like continuous casting refractories the corporation is developing and manufacturing various products with the keyword of "excellent and stable quality" fulfilling the latest requirement from clients. For years under that severe environment, Krosaki Harima Corporation has been accumulating the technology for continuous casting refractories, and in February 2004 established the "Flow Control Technical Center" for the purpose of quickly responding to the clients' requirements. The corporation willingly strives to propose all possible solutions and technologies to help the clients reach their maximum productivity.

AMR Refractarios S.A. is part of the group KHC Krosaki-Harima Corporation, third refractory producer in the world, and inherits all the experience from 1906 till today of the Spanish Company Aristegui Material Refractario S.A. Producing high-quality materials, it has contributed to develop the steel and cement industries in Spain.
Krosaki Harima technicians and engineers work at AMR together with the AMR staff in order to obtain refractory materials of the best quality, by means of continuous innovation and constant development of techniques, processes and materials. With the cooperation of KHC Japanese laboratories it develops and produces a range of very high quality magnesite basic products for the cement and steel industry.
A chemicals specialist at the service of construction materials, CHRYSO has tripled its turnover over the past decade to become an international leader active in more than 70 countries by means of its 15 subsidiaries around the world. Chryso provides cement manufacturers with its formulation expertise and knowledge of construction materials. Total number of products for Chryso cement additive business is more than 40 products that can cover all needs of cement chemical additives of modern cement plants.
Chryso delivers about 150 cement plants and grinding stations around the world in more than 60 countries; largest top 3 customers are Lafarge, Holcim and Cimpor.
For more than a hundred years, Kerneos has focused on supporting the development of its customers throughout the world. As expert in calcium aluminate technology, the company offers high quality and innovative specialty products, often as a pioneer. Its inspiration chiefly comes from listening carefully to its customers and its customers' customers.
Ever since it first patented Ciment Fondu® in 1908, Kerneos has designed numerous calcium aluminate-based specialty products. Driven by its expertise and creative energy, the company has expanded the fields of application: refractories, building chemistry, civil engineering, mining, and pipes and waste water.
Kerneos high technology calcium aluminate flux range are designed for steel refining applications for improved steel cleanliness, higher productivity, environmental protection and cost optimisation. The investment by Kerneos in new plants and its leading research centres allow the company to build on its 100 years of experience. Kerneos cooperation with steel plants and support with advanced metallurgical tools are the long standing benefits to the steel makers.
Since the middle of 2000, the majority shareholder of Imerys Fused Minerals has been the French Imerys group, a world leader in adding value to minerals. Imerys Fused Minerals is the world’s largest producer of fused aluminum oxide. The first production started during the Second World War in 1943 in Villach, Austria. Today, Imerys Fused Minerals has 10 production sites for aluminum oxide and a production capacity of about 400.000 tons and is the market leader in this industry. Imerys Fused Minerals has manufacturing facilities as well as sales offices in several locations in Europe, America and Asia.
Imerys Fused Minerals offers the full range of industry's standard products to which, of course, immediate availability, reliable technology and proven quality are crucial. To satisfy all the varying demands, Imerys Fused Minerals is capable of implementing additional refining steps to its standard production, in order to meet customized requirements of the different industries and application fields.

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