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Atoor Refractories Co. provides services and high quality refractories to the cement industry. Our services and products are backed by worldwide reference companies like Calderys, Krosaki AMR and Chryso. With the support of our expert technicians, we supply not only top quality refractories but also technical solutions and engineering.
Our products have been developed for the special operating conditions required in the cement manufacturing process. Our experience allows us to offer the most suitable and cost effective technical solutions that will contribute to our customers' productivity and efficiency.
Each step of the cement-making process has special requirements in the refractory materials employed, and needs top quality materials. The plant design, the raw materials used in the process, and the fuels, all deeply influence the choice for the refractories. For the Cement industry, we dedicate our efforts toward the following concerns:
  • Built-up when burning alternative fuels
  • Abrasion resistance lining
  • Corrosion by alkali resistant lining

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