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MagDryLine is an olivine rich coating for the tundish wear lining which can be applied in cold (<150°C), warm or hot tundishes (150-500°C). The mix is installed without water, just injected or poured between the back-up lining and the mould. Any thickness between 15 and 70 mm is possible. The bond is caused by the heat from the tundish backing lining -no external heating equipment is necessary.

  • The backing lining life is prolonged due to smaller temperature variation.
  • Desculling is easy due to excellent insulating properties.
  • The cover mix is recyclable.
  • The amount of circulating tundishes can be reduced because the time for lining service drastically decreases.
  • The mix doesn't contain any resins, tars or organic additives.
  • The hydrogen pick up and oxide inclusions in steel are minimized compared to resin bonded mixes, which results in an improvement of steel quality.

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